In present times, India is one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world be it any sphere whatsoever. India is home to the Tajmahal one of the most beautiful buildings in the world that epitomises love. We at Explore Horizons wish to give you more and take you beyond the beauty of the Tajmahal.

Working in this Industry for all these many years gave us an insight into the Industry and into the different phases of planning your dream holiday. We realised that the Travel industry is very typecast to a greater degree and it also showed us how inferior we are in terms of living up to the expectations of the Guests coming from thousands of miles to see a country probably he’s just heard of and thats exactly we intend to change. We wish to present india truly how it is and present the contrasts of india while offering you to be in the lap of luxury.

India is much more than just the land of the Tajmahal or that of a snake charmer or a country of the great Indian Rope Trick and definitely the Holy cow. We cater to guests by listening to their expectations and creating a holiday which they would remember for a life time.