In present times, India is one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world be it any sphere whatsoever. India is home to the Tajmahal one of the most beautiful buildings in the world that epitomises love. We at Explore Horizons wish to give you more and take you beyond the beauty of the Tajmahal.

Working in this Industry for all these many years gave us an insight into the Industry and into the different phases of planning your dream holiday. We realised that the Travel industry is very typecast to a greater degree and it also showed us how inferior we are in terms of living up to the expectations of the Guests coming from thousands of miles to see a country probably he’s just heard of and thats exactly we intend to change. We wish to present india truly how it is and present the contrasts of india while offering you to be in the lap of luxury.

India is much more than just the land of the Tajmahal or that of a snake charmer or a country of the great Indian Rope Trick and definitely the Holy cow. We cater to guests by listening to their expectations and creating a holiday which they would remember for a life time.

Our Experience working in the travel Industry has been diverse and we were smart enough to notice the smaller changes needed to make any holiday a more wholesome experience. We strongly believe in checking all the right boxes so that you get the holiday you deserve and sometimes the preparations in creating that experience is not just confined to the picking the right Hotels and packaging it beautifully. It goes further than that and is also about hitting the right notes with all the service providers.

We associate ourselves with right minded people and consider them a Family and just like in any other Family we understand the importance of treating each family member the right way , the way they deserve to be treated, Respect all and give each one their respective dues. We do not like to short change our associates and their Hard-work, Payments are as per industry norms and therefore we demand that we also are not being taken for granted by providing our Guests substandard services.

  • Hotels: Your Hotels are the most important component of the luxury during your Travel. We work with handpicked properties and once we confirm you the Hotels we also ensure we pay the Hotel in advance to ensure the same hotels to you as promised. We do not work with Hotels on Credit rather we make our payments well before your arrival into the country
  • Transport: Similarly, The transport is provided by the operators we would have selected on specific criterions and that help us maintain the quality and standard of the Transport we offer to you.
  • Guides: A Guide is the one to make your trip or break it. Again, they are carefully selected, we prefer Guides who are innovative, knowledgeable, and adaptive and have a funny bone, and yes we do want them to have a great sense of humor because a holiday cannot just remain memorable basis of a stern face and a stiff lip! We don’t pay them by the industry norms ( which is way too less ) we pay them what the Ministry of Tourism of India prescribes , of course we expect them to deliver accordingly which we are sure their Happy Face would confirm
  • Local Offices: You are never on your own when you choose to travel with us. Of course that never comes in the way of your choice of Privacy but we make sure you know that we are always reachable and provide you a thorough list of Key Contact people from our Network. Other than that you would have the direct number access with your Personal Travel coordinator throughout the Tour and that too with a local sim that we provide you for emergencies.

Happy People =Successful Business

We at Explore Horizons are convinced that if you can keep those around you Happy, that Happiness is going to get reflected in their work and return back to you. We love the work we do and that makes it more fun and a child’s play.

The Statement may sound flattering but that’s exactly what “Athithi Devo Bhava” translates into. An age old custom in India which irrespective of Circumstances and situation asks you to hold your Guest above everyone else. This helped us understand one thing why should we not incorporate the same attitude and vision in our field of work. A lot of times we realized that trip organizers say “sorry that won’t be possible” just because they are not willing enough to execute and that’s exactly what we wish to change through practices which help understand the importance of change in attitude. We let Guests enjoy their holiday and do not bind them for anything that may have otherwise been integral part of the itinerary if they choose to skip the part. Our Services, Our focus revolves around our God, It revolves around “you”

Join us to feel the vibe!

It’s your Holiday so for us you play the main role in planning it!!

We are agile & motivated to ask for your set of desires and expectations from your trip

Ideas, we have plenty and we can give you the choicest of destinations within India and around and hand-picked Hotels as per your suitability

At Explore Horizons we take everything personally. We believe in taking Holiday Planning to a whole new level. A level where you feel you are amongst your own.

Personalized services, in terms of 24×7 round the clock direct contact with your personal Tour Consultant who is responsible for arranging your Travel in India throughout from the time you send in your query until your experience takes shape and leave you mesmerized. We go into the most minute of details to make your experience as wholesome as you’d like it to be.

We understand what it means travelling to a foreign Land, thousands of miles away, away to a different culture, people who speak a different language and not really knowing what to expect. We understand that it is of utmost importance for you to know that everything is going to fall in place and your Safety is our priority.

Whether you’re travelling in a small group or on your own, we want you to know, you’ll always find us at your side, reachable and reliable support wherever your journey takes you on this trip.

We work with the best in the industry, travel partners who are not just experienced but who also share our philosophy of work.

Once you send in your Query and book your Travels with us, Our Company representative who you would be in touch with, would not just be your Travel Consultant but also your 2 AM friend. We would provide you a 24×7 and alternate contacts if in case you are not able to reach him in times of any emergencies.

Our Local partners / Offices shall also be readily available for any query that may need to be addressed on immediate basis.

We are working with the best of Hotel / Resort Partners who themselves would take personal care of you but it’s always good to know you are not completely on your own even if you are doing a private travel.

Rest assured, we and are partners completely respect your privacy, and when you book a holiday with us, you would not be bothered during your quality time at the hotel

Understanding completely what it takes to plan a Holiday, we assure you satisfaction that will make you remember us not just your Travel Consultants but as your Indian Hosts and Friends.

“We do not organize Holidays, We curate your dreams into memories for a lifetime” –

Team Explore Horizons!!

  • Pan India Support
  • Representation / Partner Offices
  • 24 X 7 Direct Contact
  • Local Sim Assistance