The upbeat and open-hearted city of Amritsar is located right in the heart of Punjab, in India's north-west. This heritage city boasts of a glorious past, with palaces, temples and other architectural marvels standing in testimony. Besides, Amritsar is a paradise for foodies and shoppers. And with the wealth of four centuries of heritage and culture, there's plenty in store for you to explore here.

Amritsar tourism has quite a bunch of fantastic tourist spots, with each having a connection to its religious, cultural or colonial past. The iconic Golden Temple in Amritsar is the main attraction that pulls in tourists from all over the world. With a daily footfall of around 1 lakh people, it's the holiest site for the Sikh pilgrims. The Golden Temple Complex is an excellent place for some peace of mind and soul search. Besides, its free kitchen serves food to at least a lakh of visitors each day, without any bias. To be honest, it's a breathtaking sight that you'll never forget.

Coming up next, the Jallianwala Bagh stands in testimony to the ire of the colonial rule and India's great freedom struggle. The bullet marks on its walls are evidence of the massacre that took place here in 1919. Besides, at Wagah Border ( between India and Pakistan) you'll witness one of the (literally) most heart-throbbing flag-lowering ceremonies in the world. Further, the Museums of Partition and Sikh history are worth a visit to shed some light on Amritsar's rich heritage.

While travelling in Amritsar, you'll love the roads studded between lush green fields on either side. With so much greenery around, the air is one of the best you'll breathe in India. The Harike wetland is nirvana for bird watchers, as its damp grounds are thronged with a number of winged visitors each year.

Another major highlight about the city is its hospitality, which you'll taste in leaps and bounds. The shopping streets of the town are quite a splash of colours. You'll find it hard not to buy the Amritsari Jooti (footwear), and its intricately printed or embroidered fabrics. If you have tolerance for spicy food, tasty ethnic food awaits you here. Do try the Amritsari naan (bread), Chole (grams) and Lassi (buttermilk).

Since Amritsar is a known tourist destination in India, there's no dearth of hotels and restaurants. You'll find plenty of places to stay, from paid guest houses to five-star hotels, as per your pick and pocket. The Hyatt and Regent are notable hotels, in this Punjab city. The Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport is central to the city so you can get here directly from most foreign locations.

If you wonder what’s the right time to explore Amritsar tourism, we’ll help. Though there's a constant footfall all year round, during festivals like Baisakhi, Holi and Diwali, Amritsar is fully lit. Fully lit also reminds of one more thing. Make sure to visit the Golden Temple at night. You'll be speechless and in awe. We bet!

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