Wildlife & Culture


“Whenever we encounter wild animals in nature, we must only
ever show kindness and compassion.”
― Paul Oxton


India is not just a country with 1.3 Billion people , its a sub continent equally blessed with beautiful landscapes, from snow clad high mountain ranges of the Himalayas to the sea coast of sandy, muddy, shingle and coralline nature through thick forests, grasslands, deserts, wetlands, mangroves and coral reefs.


This makes for a very diverse habitat for an equally diverse & interesting fauna which is found in India. India is home to several large mammals including the Asian Elephants, the royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic lions, Indian leopards along with the snow leopards usually a rare sight in the upper Himalayan region,clouded leopards, Indian sloth bear and Indian rhinoceros.


With a total of 110 National parks , India has a lot to offer and over the last decade with active efforts by the Indian government bodies and wildlife conservation organisations the number of Tigers for instance have shown an exponential growth.


Not just the mammals but the country is a great delight for the bird watchers , with a huge variety of birds that are found here you also have a Chance to spot many a different migratory birds during the winter period in India.


Couple this with the ancient culture of more than 5000 years and its historic Heritage, India is a perfect recipe for the next trip you were willing to take either to explore the wildlife or maybe wildlife with a dash of history and culture merged into it.


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