Spiritual India


Since times immemorial India has been birthplace of spirituality and the mother of religion as so many religions were actually born in this country. India is a special destination where you do not have to seek spirituality, it finds you!


Hinduism, one of the oldest living religions in the world is a way of life in the place of its origin.


Buddhism, Jainism & sikhism all began with one common Ground, India! Sarnath for the Buddhists, Mount Abu & Ranakpur for the Jains, and The Golden Temple of Amritsar for the Sikhs all are sites that would change one’s perception of how integral faith could be in one’s life.


India is the birthplace to Yoga and Ayurveda. For those seekers who are on a journey to find peace have confessed to have found it within having been to India.


From someone who’s just begun on his spiritual & physical wellbeing through the path of Yoga to those who already have attained advanced levels, India is the destination to go to


Varanasi or Benaras is believed to be the axis of the spiritual world and other places like Haridwar and Rishikesh in the North, Srirangam in the South, Puri in the East and Dwarka in the west are the most sought after pilgrimage places for the Hindu.


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