Bhutan is a country like no other, unspoiled, serene and virgin landscape where people assess their growth not in terms of the Gross Domestic Product but in Gross national Happiness. One of the last Kingdoms of the world Bhutan is a kingdom of Vajrayana Buddhism as its prime religion where the ancient fortresses, the divine landscape and happiness in the air is bound to leave you enriched and longing for more.

The Tiger nest Monastery is the brand image of Bhutan which is built on a cliff and is a marvel for any seeker. The Importance of peacefulness is almost felt in the air and would touch your inner self almost instantly.

Bhutan is not just for the seeker, it offers scenic treks, majestic monasteries and fortresses, festivals abound, 13 various arts and crafts being practiced from time immemorial, museums and almost everything for every traveler. Come find your happy self in the land of Happiness.

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For more information on Bhutan Destination please visit the tourism Website of Bhutan

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