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The Capital city of India is perfect start to any India Holiday, with most of the highlights including the famous Tajmahal being in the North of India and just a 4 hour Drive from Delhi, The city of New Delhi is the doubtful Gateway to the Indian subcontinent. The City of Delhi which wears the Diversity of India like a Charm is an intoxicating concoction of the Old and New, The Ancient and the Modern and serves to its visitors with the perfect blend of unity in Diversity. The Old City is as they call it “a Culture Shock” to any first time visitor with its splendid Monuments like the Impressive Red Fort and the largest Mosque in the Country the Jama Masjid outlining the mayhem and the chaos within. An organized chaos, that leaves you mesmerized and in awe with the masses of people tending to their daily chores , what for us is an experience , is the way of life for so many of them , day in and day out.
The New City or New Delhi, which was founded by the British when the site was chosen to be the capital of the British Empire in India in 1911, is a beautiful rendition of a capital city as imagined by the greatest of architectural minds and befitting of one the largest Empires of the foregone Era. It is but not just the Imperial Buildings that leave you in awe but the beautiful Monuments of the Mughal Era which adds to the historical and architectural legacy of the City’s glorious past. A city that stands shoulder to shoulder with Rome, both of which were destroyed and rebuilt time and time again.

With more than 300 odd Monuments and about 170 of them being of National Importance, 3 world heritage Monuments (UNESCO recognized), list of Museums of Art, National Heritage, Craft, Railways , it is indeed a must to include in your bucket list if India is a part of it !

Start your Journey with true ambassador of the Indian Diversity of history and culture and find yourself longing for more.

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