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Rajasthan plays the stage to the opulent past of the Maharajas of India for it was here that they left behind a legacy of their wealth to be witnessed in the Temples , Palaces and museums galore. This part semi desert region attracts travellers from world over for his rich ancient heritage and glory of the yesteryears. Rajasthan has a varied landscape , being the largest state of India it is almost equivalent to the land area of Germany and much bigger than the whole of United Kingdom. Boasting of the oldest fold mountains in the world the Aravelli range it further surprises you with the almost 80% of the Great Indian Desert also known as Thar Desert and its sand dunes further westwards from Jaisalmer. Towards the south of Rajasthan it again captivates each of its visitor in the beauty with its abundant lakes amidst the hills in udaipur , a city made famous by phrase Venice of the East and the infamous Lake Palace Hotel from the movie Octopussy, featuring Roger Moore as 007.
The Capital of Rajasthan, the City of Jaipur, an architectural marvel, built on the lines of vast shastras , the Indian fengshui , has a lot of vibrant energy to share and the beautiful terracotta colour gives the “Pink City” a very festive Character. Talking about colours , one can’t miss on the City of Jodhpur , known as the blue City of India for even today you would find the houses in the older part of the city behind the majestic citadel “ Mehrangarh Fort” carrying a beautiful indigo hue.

Rajasthan is also very interesting for all those travellers who love the life in the wild and its parts. Ranthambore , about 180 km south of Jaipur is perhaps the best place in the world to spot and shoot the Indian Bengal tiger but obviously with a Camera, of course !!

The Keoldeo Bird Sanctuary now a National Park is home to more than 400 different Bird species during the winter months in a total area of around 18sq kms which makes it a birders paradise.
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