At Explore Horizons we cherish every new association, every new Guest and those who have traveled with us we would like to reward in more ways than one. EH Edge is a referral programme that rewards guests who travel with us for their next trip with us . Right now its the Indian sub continent but with the support of our patrons we are bound to expand to other soils and territories. We intend to create a family of our guests with whom we can share what we want them to Explore .


  • Guests who travel with us would also be entitled to a goodwill voucher of 50 USD each for each traveler
  • For every guest that you recommend who books with us a goodwill ambassador voucher shall be issued to you worth 30 USD per traveller upon successful completion of their trip with us
  • Signing up for newsletters would entitle you to a discount voucher of 10 USD
  • This voucher may be clubbed together & presented to us at any stage of your booking your next trip with us ( Maximum cap of 250 USD per booking per person )
  • This voucher may be redeemed against your personal travel to the Indian sub-continent again or can also be transferred to your friends / relatives who book their tour with us
  • In case of a Transfer, a guest traveller may present voucher transferred from 01 member guest account . Vouchers from two separate guests cannot be clubbed together in case of a transfer, however within the family or blood relations it may be clubbed together for a maximum value of USD 500
  • Fill in a form with secure database and enroll into this programme for all the future offers and upcoming destinations. Your Data is safe with us and we legally oblige ourselves of not selling /sharing with any third parties
  • This however cannot be clubbed with any promotional offers being offered by Explore Horizons from time to time to promote its products with discount either on the company website or on other marketing platforms.