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The South of India, in many different ways is what the mystic land of India once was!
It still wears its culture, its origin, its tradition on its sleeve and is proud of its Heritage. The waves of changing times have not been able to change dramatically the traces of its origin. Beyond the Hills of Vindhyachal is the region of South of India , with states and regions like Tamil Nadu , Andhra Pradesh (part of which now is a individual state called Telangana ) have found a resonance with the outside world in the exponential ways of its growth with cities like Chennai , Bangalore, Hyderabad becoming global names and also being the hub of the software boom in India and Kerala which gave Ayurveda to the World, India is therefore also the spiritual capital of the world as it is the birthplace of Ayurveda and Yoga alike .
Beaches , Backwaters, temple architecture of the south of India boasts of geographical and architectural marvel that India has been and the spice plantations help you understand what made India the strongest economy and attracted invaders and travelers ever since the inception trade on the silk route.

In South of India you find a very different architecture than the north of India as well as different geography which makes it almost like a new destination even for those who have been to the North of India before.

Hampi, a world heritage Site , which traces its origins to the 2-3rd Century CE became the capital of the great Vijaynagara Empire in the 1400 CE. By 1500 CE it became the second largest medieval era city after Beijing and attracted traders from Persia and Portugal alike.
Today ruins of this site are spread over 4100 hectares!!
The Cities of Mahabalipuram , Madurai, Thanjuvar , Hyderabad , Cochin and the coastal areas of Kovalam and its likes make the South of India a very diverse platter of History, Geography, Culture and nature at its best .
Top it with an Ayurveda treatment and your Soul would feel blessed and your Body in a state of Bliss in the South of India!!

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