In the contemporary world, Mumbai doesn’t need an introduction anymore just more than its name. It is also known as a fantasy world where hundreds of people come to fulfill their dreams and try harder to take a chance for their future. The major attraction of this metro city is only Bollywood, where opportunities are knocking at the door who jump out of their comfort zone.

Mumbai is a commercial capital of India and a cosmopolitan city having a multicultural and multistate people living for their bread and butter. It stands on the successive wave of migration.  It is a hub of globally influenced Hindi film industry which is famous as Bollywood. Mumbai is symbolized as India’s largest slum populated area where one can see the diversity of rich and poor at the same time. The geographical structure of this metro city is equally surprising with the conglomeration of seven islands. Most of the capital industries and headquarters are established with the entire rotation of the nation’s economy. Asia’s first stock exchange market is founded in the 19th century in Mumbai itself which made a great fortune in the stock broking business in the World.

Mumbaikars are very passionate and affectionate about their city’s past, culture, and heritage. The collaboration of seven islands is later on named over their local Goddess Mamba Devi. She is still worshiped by the Marathas and later colonized by Britishers in the 19th century.

It is the fourth most populous city in the world having a multicultural diversity and various languages laying in itself. Mumbaikars leads a very fast-paced life along with the most well known and depending transportation lifeline, which is called the local! Food and festivals are the most important facts of Mumbai culture. Every resident is passionate about their festivals and uses to celebrate them lavishly. It is a city of colors, music, dance, celebration, and enthusiasm which is the backbone of their life. Mumbai is also famous for its street food and people are very fond of local dishes use to prepared by street vendors. Street food market used to rolls on the full night as it is famous that Mumbai never sleeps. The official language of Mumbai is undoubtedly Marathi but various community languages are used to speak there and are accepted by everyone. Diversity of food, language, culture, and work transforms Mumbai into a magnificent city.

Mumbai remains incomplete without describing Bollywood and cinema which is the nurturer of its foundation. Mumbai is also famous for its tourism and thousands of people use to travel and land to this beautiful city just to make their mesmerizing and most memorable vacations, at least once in a lifetime. Apart from the regular and popular places of interest, there are many hidden treasures in Mumbai that one must visit to experience the true spirit of a city that never sleeps.

People travel from near and far to live in Mumbai for professional, social or political reasons. Whatever the reason may be, the city is home to thousands of inhabitants with different ethnicities, cultures, religions, and backgrounds, making it a true melting pot of cultures, vigor and dynamism.

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